Music DJ & Music DJ Pro (ad free version) Details

Music DJ simplifies and automates many of the common DJ tasks and includes the following unique features:

  • Dynamically rearrange your playlist song order and adding random requests anywhere within the Player Queue.
  • Swipe to add or remove songs from playlists.
  • Music DJ Pro only feature – customize the main screen with your own title (e.g. business, studio, or DJ name, etc)
  • Customize the genre picker for quicker song selection using your iTunes genre and star ratings.
  • Automatically control song playback duration, fade in/out, tempo, crossfade, announcements.
  • Enable voice announcements at the beginning of a song. Music DJ uses text to voice synthesizer and allows you to set your language preference.
  • Background Audio Play – your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) music controls can be used when Music DJ is playing in background.

Music DJ has three song queues – Requests Queue, Playlist Queue, Songs Played

This section of the interface contains the scrollable list of songs you’ve selected from your music library. Each section (Requests Queue, Playlist Queue, Songs Played) contains the song count. Pressing the title (i.e. “Requests Queue, “Playlist Queue”) will hide/show the current list of songs within that queue section. Songs can be dynamically dragged and dropped to change the order of songs or to move songs from one section to another. The Request Queue is used to hold user song requests until you’re ready to queue them (drag & drop) within your Playlist Queue for playback.

Main Menu Buttons:

  • Settings Button: Player Settings – allows you to limit how long a song plays, control fading in/out, add a time delay (pause) between songs, crossfade, change song tempo, and make automated voice announcements.
  • Queue Songs Buttons: Add individual songs or playlists from your Music library. Search for songs by Title, Genre, or Artist. The Genre song picker allows you to quickly filter songs by Genre and Song Rating.
  • Remove Button: Enables you to selectively remove songs from Music DJ’s Playlist Queue, Requests Queue, or Songs Played list.
  • Clear Button: Enables you to quickly clear any or all songs in your Playlist Queue, Request Queue, and/or Songs Played list.
  • Shuffle Button: Randomly shuffles all songs in your Playlist Queue.
  • Free Button: Provides a simplified user interface to streamline music playback. Tap screen to start/stop, swipe up/down to change volume, swipe left/right to progress to the next/previous song in your playlist.
  • Action Button (Box with Up Arrow): Enables you to Message, eMail, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Lyrics Button: Set this button to show the current playing song’s lyrics if they exist. Lyrics icon is white = OFF and blue = ON. If lyrics are time-coded, Music DJ will highlight the actual lyrics (karaoke-like) during playback. You can increase the lyrics text size using the “+” and “-“ buttons on the lyrics view.
  • Album Button (iPad Only): Toggle this button on/off to show current Album Artwork during playback.

MDJ Playlist (Save, Edit, Queue) buttons:

  • Save: Save the current songs in your Request Queue, Playlist Queue, or Songs Played list to a MDJ Playlist for future replays. MDJ Playlist is an optional feature that allows you to save and replay your current Playlist Queue song list at a later date, an MDJ Playlist is not required to queue and play songs within your music library. Playlist created within your iTunes library can be queued for playback within Music DJ.
  • Edit: Make changes to a saved MDJ Playlists.
  • Queue: Add songs from a saved MDJ Playlist to your current Playlist or Request Queue.

Player Controls:

  • Volume: Displays Music DJ’s current volume level. Tap the speaker symbols to increase/decrease the play back volume level. Hold down the speaker icon to quickly advance/decrease the volume level.
  • Play/Pause Button: Tap to play or pause. Song time & duration counters are displayed.
  • Next Song Button: Tap this button, during song play back, to skip to the next song in your Playlist Queue. Current song will fade to next song if “Fade Out (Next Song Button)” is enabled in your Player Settings.
  • Repeat Button: Press to toggle off (button is white), repeat current song (button is blue with “1”), or repeat “Songs Played” list (button is blue) once the current Playlist Queue songs have finished.

Music Library – there are four Queue Songs buttons: Genre, Search, MDJ pl, and Music Buttons. These buttons allow you to search your music library to find songs or playlist to add to your Playlist or Requests Queue.

  • Genre Button: Enables you to quickly filter your Music Library by Genre and song Star Rating. The genres that are displayed in the picker can be customized using the settings button to reduce genre selection list.
  • Search Button: Provides text string search of your music library by song Title, Artist, or Genre. • MDJ pl Button: Select songs, in your saved MDJ Playlist, to your Requests or Playlist Queue for playback.
  • Music Button: Search and select songs from your iOS Music library by Playlist, Artist, Albums, or Songs.

Player Settings

  • Fade In – sets amount of seconds to gradually increase the audio volume at the start of song playback. Volume level increases from zero “0” (silent) to your Music DJ player volume.
  • Max Song Duration – sets the maximum time a song can play before starting the next song.
  • Fade Out – sets amount of seconds to gradually decrease the audio volume at the end of song playback. Volume level decreases from the current player level to zero “0” (silent).
  • Fade Out (Next Song Button) – the Next Song Button allows you to immediately end the current playing song and start playing the next song in your playlist queue. Enable this feature to gracefully fade-out the current song before starting the next song.
  • Auto Pause (Between Songs) – automatically pause between each song during playback. This feature is useful to singers and/or DJ’s that need time between songs to make announcements or prepare before staring the next song starts playing.
  • BPM (Beats Per Minute) – Music DJ will display the song’s beats per minute if available within the users music library.
  • Delay (Between Songs) – sets the number of seconds to pause playback between songs.
  • Crossfade – starts playback of next song before current songs ends. Sets the seconds before end of current song to start next song.
  • Tempo – increase/decrease the speed of the song playback.
  • Announcement – setup voice announcements at the beginning of a song adding specific announcement text to your songs using iTunes . View more detail by going to announcement settings (press “Settings” button) next to Announcement control.

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