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4 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hi I used music dj for the first time, I really like the set up of it. However, I am having an issue where it keeps repeating songs already played even tho it’s not the next in the list any ideas why?

    • Few questions.
      – Are you using the app on an ipad or iphone/ipod?
      – Do you have the repeat button on? (If repeat is blue with a “1”, it will repeat current song over and over. If repeat is just blue, then it will repeat the entire playlist over and over.)
      – If it’s not the repeat button. Please send a screen shot of the app to
      To take a screen shot of the app. Press and hold main menu button below the screen. While the menu button is held down, press the power/lock button (the switch on the top edge of the device). The pictures will be in your Photos.

      For ipad, show the player settings. Then take a screen shot to send.
      For iphone/ipod, send two screen shots. Main app screen showing playlist when problem occurs. Player Settings screen shot.

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