Music DJ

Play your music like a professional DJ! This program gives you more control and flexibility for playing your music by providing some of the most common and used DJ features. Great for parties or dance events. Dynamically rearrange your playlist song order. Control song play duration with fade in/out settings. Customize the genre picker for quicker song selection based on your iTunes genre and star ratings.

Feature Summary:

  • Dynamically rearrange songs in your playlist during playback.
  • Display time code lyrics (Karaoke style) for songs with lyrics in your music collection.
  • Control song playback; Fade In/Out, Maximum Song Duration, Auto Pause between songs, Delay between songs, Crossfade, song Tempo, Shuffle, Repeat, Voice-over Announcements (new feature coming in April 2015).
  • Simplified hands free playback interface – simply swipe left/right to move between songs in your playlist and swipe up/down to control volume, tap to stop/play music.
  • Voice-over Announcement feature (coming in April 2015). This feature allows you to make voice announcements at the beginning of a song using iOS’s text to speech voice synthesizer. You must enable the Announcements feature within Player Settings to use this capability.
    • Examples on how this feature can be used:
      • For a Ballroom Dance event, you can announce the dance type (e.g. East Coast Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, etc) at the beginning of each song played. You do this by categorizing your songs’ dance types within iTunes using one of these three fields: Comments, Grouping, or Genre. Tell Music DJ which field to use and Music DJ will then announce the dance type at the beginning of the song.
      • During an event you may want to dedicate a specific song for someone celebrating a birthday. Enter “Happy Birthday Mary” within the comments field within iTunes for the specific song and as it starts to play the comment will automatically be announced.


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